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Two cars are moving. The first car has twice the mass of the second car, but only half as much kinetic energy. Then, both cars increase their speed by 8.00 m/s. They then have the same kinetic energy. The original speeds of the two cars are, respectively,

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    m1 =2•m2,
    KE1 =KE2/2.

    m1•v1²/2 =m2•v2²/2 = m1•v2²/4.
    m1• (v1+8)²/2 = m2• (v2+8)²/2 =
    =m1• (v2+8)²/4,
    v1 =sqrt(32)= 5.66 m/s.
    v2 =11.3 m/s

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    What if the instead of 8.00m/s it was 6.52m/s?

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