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Northern Virginia community college

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A speedboat heads west at 104 km/h for 24.0 min. It then travels at 64.0° south of west at 109.0 km/h for 13.0 min.
(a) What is the average speed for the trip?
What is the average velocity for the trip?


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    total distance traveled = (24/60)(104) + (13/60)(109) = 65.216666..
    total time = 37 minutes = 37/60 hrs
    average speed = 65.21666../(37/60) = 105.8 km/h

    for the average velocity, make a vector diagram
    I have a triangle ABC with AB = 41.6 , BC = 23.1666..
    and angle ABC = 116°
    By the cosine law:
    AC^2 = AB^2 + BC^2 - 2(AB)(BC)cos 116°

    (I will let you do the arithmetic)

    The direction angle would be angle BAC
    since you now have all 3 sides of the triangle plus an angle you can find angle BAC by the sine law.

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