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Physics(Please help)

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1) A box is sliding up an incline that makes an angle of 14.0 ° with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the surface of the incline is 0.176. The initial speed of the box at the bottom of the incline is 3.72 m/s. How far does the box travel along the incline before coming to rest?

I do not know what to do with the coefficient value.

  • Physics(Please help) -

    KE =m•v²/2,
    PE =m•g•h = m•g •s•sinα,
    W(fr) = F(fr) •s = k•m•g•cosα •s

    KE = PE +W(fr)
    v²/2 = g •s• (sinα + k•cosα),
    s = v²/2• g• (sinα + k•cosα),

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