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Algebra POW #10

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Amanda worked hard all summer. Before school started,she decided to go shopping and spend some of her earnings. She spent one third of her money on a new shirt and hot fashions in the mall. He then went to andy's music and brought a CD with one third of the money she had left. At blockbuster she spent one third of the money she had on a DVD that she wanted. She stopped on more time on her way home and brought an iced coffee at dutch bros,with one third of her remaining money. Amanda arrived home with just 16.00$ in her wallet. How much did she have when she started out?

  • Algebra POW #10 -

    Assume she had $x to spend

    after shirt she had (2/3)x left
    after CD she had (2/3)(2/3)x left
    after DVD she had (2/3)(2/3)(2/3)x left
    after iced coffee she had (2/3)(2/3)(2/3)(2/3)x left

    (2/3)(2/3)(2/3)(2/3)x = 16
    16x/81 = 16
    x = 81

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