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Physics ( electrical )

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If I have two objects charged, one on a insulated thread and one stationary, and I have one distances and an acceleration and I double the distance, I want to find out the acceleration, what formula do I use?
( the distance is halved and I need to find out the magnitude of the acceleration )

  • Physics ( electrical ) -

    Coulomb’s Law
    F2 = k•q1•q2/r2²,
    Newton’s 2 Law
    a1=F1/m = k•q1•q2/r1²•m
    a2 =F2/m= k•q1•q2/r2²•m

    a1/a2 ={k•q1•q2/r1²•m}/{k•q1•q2/r2²•m} =

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