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You push your couch a distance of 3.6 m across the living room floor with a horizontal force of 198.0 N. The force of friction is 151.0 N. What is the work done by you, by the friction force, by gravity, and by the net force?

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    by you: 198*distance
    by friction: 151*distance
    by gravity: zilch
    net force= force pushing-frictionforce

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    W=F.d , W= (198.0N)(3.6m)cos 0, W=712.8 N.m

    this is your work.

    W=(151.0N)(3.6)cos 180, W=(-1)543,6N.m

    this work is negative because the force of friccion is opposite a the direction of movement y therefore the angle is 180

    for last the total work is the sum of the all work

    PS: the work of gravity is perpendicular
    a the movement therefore cos 90 = 0.
    Work gravity is 0

    enjoy your answer.

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