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Posted by John on Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 6:27pm.

I left out a few other things. Could you please check them, too?

1) The difference about advertising today is that…..(or What is different about advertising today is….)
2) Children cannot oppose their appearance in ads. They cannot do anything against the appearance of their mates in ads.
3) Children want to buy everything they see (not all they see?) on TV or listened to on the radio.
The latest ads are said by experts to sell not just products but also lifestyles.
4) The idea behind them is to defend people from ads.
Can you start a sentence with “For example”?
5) Ads can be very dangerous to children because they often show children who are happy for a kind I think that parents should explain to their children about reality. (are the prepositions correct?)
6) These magazines want to tell how the level of satisfaction that US people have with their lives after 1957 has continued to decrease.
7) Is “hang on the line” a mistake?
To defend people from tricky advertising.
Interactive advertising is a way to advert (advertise?) which tries to create direct contact with its clients.
8) Some years ago, when people saw an ad they used to switch channels to avoid it. When the ads finished, they switched again.

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