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Please someone get back to me! I really don't know how to do this, need as soon as possible. Please help!

A rabbit population satisfies the logistic equation
dt = 2x(10to the exponent 6)y(10to the exponent6)- y;
where t is the time measured in months. The population is suddenly reduced to
40% of its steady state size by myxamatosis. If the myxamatosis then has no further effeect, how large is the population 8 months later? How long will it take
for the population to build up again to 90% of its steady state size?

thank you!

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    There is no t in your equation and it is incomprehensible anyway.

    dy/dt = 2 * 10^6 y - y ??? or something

  • MATH -

    I also had several questions about this when you posted it before

    You had clarified only one of the problems, I still find x and y undefined and no sign of any t in the equation.
    I noticed that Damon interpreted your x as a multiplication.

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    yes that is what i am having trouble with. that is the question exactly and there is no t within the equation =/

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    I bet you mean

    dy/dt = 2*10^6 y
    dy/y = 2*10^6 dt

    ln y = 2*10^6 t + c

    y = C e^2*10^6 t where C is the population
    at t = 0 just after the 40% reduction
    at t = 8
    y = C e^16*10^6 = impossibly big
    please post the problem more carefully

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