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Posted by Mohammad on Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 8:15pm.

i read this poem again and simile be that duck call for her mate but wind blow his answer away and leave her lonely on beach?

The Lonely Land by A.J.M. Smith

Cedar and jagged fir
uplift sharp barbs
against the gray
and cloud-piled sky;
and in the bay
blown spume and windrift by the wind

and thin, bitter spray
at the whirling sky;
and the pine trees
lean one way.

A wild duck calls
to her mate,
and the ragged
and passionate tones
stagger and fall,
and recover,
and stagger and fall,
on these stones -
are lost
in the lapping of water
on smooth, flat stones.

This is a beauty
of dissonance,
this resonance
of stony strand
this smoky cry
curled over a black pine
like a broken
and wind-battered branch
when the wind
bends the tops of the pines
and curdles the sky
from the north

This is the beauty
of strength
broken by strength
and still strong.

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