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A particle starts moving from rest with uniform acceleration. it travels a distance x in first 2 sec and a distance y in the next 2 sec .Then

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    X distance moved in first 2 secs.
    => x=0.2+(1/2).a.2^2= 2a ...(1)

    velocity at the end of 2 secs.(say v)
    => v = 0+a.2 = 2a ....(2)

    y distance covered in the next 2 secs.
    => y = v.t +(1/2).a.t^2
    or y = 2a.2 + (1/2).a.2^2 = 6a ...(2)
    From, (1) & (2) y = 3x ...Option (2)

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    a ball dropped on to the floor from a height of 10mrebounds to a height 2.5m. If the ball is in contact with the floor for 0.02s,its avg. acceleration during contact

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