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After delivering his toys in the usual manner, Santa decides to have some fun and slide down an icy roof. The roof is 7 m in length and makes an angle of 41° with the horizontal. He starts from rest at the top of the roof and accelerates at the rate of 3.9 m/s2. The edge of the roof is 6.0 m above a soft snowbank upon which Santa lands. What is the coefficient of friction between Santa and the roof?

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    You are being given more information than needed to answer the question. The roof length and roof edge height do not matter.

    The net accelerating force is
    M*a = 3.9 m/s^2 *M
    = Mgsin41 - Mgcos41*U
    Santa's mass M cancels out. Solve for the friction coefficient U.

    3.9 = 6.43 - 7.40 U
    7.40 U = 2.53
    U = 0.34

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