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An external force F is holding a bob of mass 725 g in a stationary position. The angle that the massless rope makes with the vertical is θ = 33°.

(a) What is the magnitude, F, of the force needed to maintain equilibrium in N?

(b) What is the tension in the rope in N?

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    F =T•sinα ,
    mg = T•cos α..
    F/m•g = tan α,
    F = m•g•tan α =0.725•9.8•0.65 =4.6 N,
    T =F/sinα = 4.6/0.54 = 8.45 N.

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    I understand how the first and third equations are used to find the answers, but how is the second equation (mg = Tcosa) used?

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    The third equation is the result of division the first equation by the second equation

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