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"Three cards are randomly selected from a standard 52-card deck. What is the probability of getting 3 hearts or 3 numbers less than 6 (count aces as 1)?"

I think the answer is 0.0645, but I'm not sure if this is right. Could someone check this?

"Half of a circle is inside a square and half is outside. If a point is selected at random inside the square, find the probability that the point is NOT inside the circle."

I know the area of the square is 4r^2 and the area of the circle is pie r^2, but other than that I have no idea how to solve this. Would someone please help me?

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    P1=P(3 hearts)=12/52*(11/51)*(10/50)

    P2=P(3 numbers each less than 6)
    =P(5 or less out of 52)*P(5 or less out of 51)*P(5 or less out of 50)
    =(5*4)/52 * (19/51) * (18/50)

    Add P1 and P2 to get 4/65.

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