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physics- please help

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A 65 kg bungee jumper leaps from a bridge. She is tied to a bungee cord that is 11m long when unstretched, and falls a total of 30m .

Part a) Calculate the spring constant of the bungee cord assuming Hooke's law applies.

part b)Calculate the maximum acceleration she experiences.

i got the answer for part a which is 105.8 but i need help with part b

  • physics- please help -

    b) While falling freely, her acceleration remains g = 9.8 m/s^2 (positive downward). There is another relative maximum acceleration, in the opposite direction, at maximum stretch, X = 19 m. Acceleration then equals
    Fnet/m = (-kX +Mg)/M
    If your k is correct, that would be
    (-105.8*19 +65*9.8)/65 = -21.1 m/s^2

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