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Homework Help: 3 grade english ms sue

Posted by dw on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 5:46pm.


directions-combine each pair of sentences using the conjunction shown. in combining the pairs,use the underlined repeated words and phrases only once.make any necessary changes in words. add a comma in compound sentences.

example- you can see art in a museum.
you can see art in a gallery. (or)
you can see art in a museum or gallery.

1-the empire state building is a famous skyscraper.the chrysler _________________ uilding is a famous skyscraper.(and)

my son write- the empire state building,and the chrysler building are to famous skycraper.

2-new york city has many parks. james likes central park best.(but)

my son write- james likes to play in central park,but it is in new york.

3-visitors can go to a baseball game.
__________________ visitors can go to _______________
__ a basketball game.(or)

my son write- visitors can go to a baseball or a basketball game.

directions write two short,related sentences about a city you have visited. then combine the sentences using a conjunction. remember to add a comma.

my son write- my cousin sister has visted disneyland but, disneyland is in flordia.

check it is right or not thank you

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