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algebra 2

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Jeremy and Noor are playing a game where they each draw a marble from a bag, and whoever draws the marble worth the most points wins. Red marbles are worth 1 point, green marbles are worth 2 points, blue marbles are worth 3 points, and white marbles are worth 10 points. There are 4 of each type of marble in the bag. Jeremy draws a blue marble from the bag and does not replace it.

Part A: If Noor draws a marble next, what is the expected value of Noor’s marble? Show your work.

Part B: Does this mean that Noor is more likely to win than to lose? Explain your answer.

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    What's left in the bag:
    4R, 4G, 3B, 4W = 15 marbles total
    Expected value
    = ∑ x P(x)

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    Thank you!!!

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    You're welcome!

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