April 24, 2014

Homework Help: Art

Posted by Jack on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 2:22pm.

Could you please help me express the following evaluations? Thank you.

1) You wrote exactly what I included on the photocopy without varying (hardly/almost) anything.
The only word you changed is not an English word.
2) You also failed to include information on the reading done in class.
3) That's why you have achieved only "a pass". (I don't know how to express this to motivate his low mark).
How would you express the marks A,B,C, if you had to include them in a sentence?
4) England expanded her possession in India. He loves the company of the horses more than that of men.
5) You should have summarized the historical background in your own words.
You limited yourself to copying word by word what's on the photocopy (instead).

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