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3 grade math ms sue

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1-when using fraction strips, how do you know that two fractions are equivalent?






2- reason larry and willa are each reading the same book. larry has read 2/3 of the book. willa said that she has read more than larry because she read 4/6 of the book. is willa correct? explain.

my son write- no because 2/3 and 4/6 are the same. if you have 1/3 and under it you put 2/6. and if you have 2/3 and you put 2 more under it will be equal.

check is this right or not #2 because #1 my son say he didn't get so please help him in #1 thank you

  • 3 grade math ms sue -

    Ask him to study this site and see how he can use it to answer the first question.

    His second answer is right.

  • 3 grade math ms sue -

    1- they are equivalent because when ever you line them up and they are the same length and width they are equivalent

    my son write the answer now please check did he right or not thank you

  • 3 grade math ms sue -

    Yes. He's right.


  • 3 grade math ms sue -

    thank you very much :)

  • 3 grade math ms sue -

    You're very welcome.

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