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Homework Help: 3 grade english ms sue

Posted by dw on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 4:03pm.


rocky,foolish,rainy,childhood,selfish, treatment,movement,neighborhood,

opposites write the missing list will be the opposite of the underlined word.

1- this lizard's skin is smooth.

in the paper underline word is (smooth)

my son write-bumpy

2-do you think tomorrow will be sunny?

undreline word (sunny)

my son write-rainy

3-i was alert the entire trip.

underline word (alert)

my son write-selfish

4-the salesman was generous with his time.
underline word(generous)

my son write-sleepy

5-there's a lot of stillness in the wasp nest.

underline word (stillness)

my son write-movement

6-our guide seemed wise to me.

underline (wise)

my son write-foolish

7-my brother acts pretty grown up.

underline (grown up)

my son write-childish

8-dad collected coins throughout his adulthood.

underline (adulthood)

my son write-childhood

context clues a word is missing from each of the opinions below. write the missing word.

9-jelly with _______ peanut butter tastes best.
my son write- crunchy

10-anyone would like to get a __________ of gifts.
my son write-parenthood

11-i should get a ______of washing dishes.
my son write-payment

12-my ______is the friendliest.
my son write-neighborhood

13-a ______beach is not much fun.
my son write-rocky

14-there's nothing easy about ______.
my son write-shipment

15-the best ______for a cold is to rest.
my son write-treatment

check is this right or not thank you

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