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4 Math questions!

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Can you help me with a few math questions please?

1)You are running in a race. It takes you 25 minutes to go 2.7 miles.

a.If you continue at this same rate, how long will it take you to go 6 miles?

b.What is your rate in miles per hour?

2)If the scale factor of a map is 1/8” is 12 miles. How far apart are two towns if they are 3 inches apart on the map?

3)12 is 36% of what number?

4)A sweater that originally costs $15 is on sale for $12. What is the percent decrease in the price?

  • 4 Math questions! -

    25/2.7 = x/6
    Cross multiply and solve for x.

    25/2.7 = 60/x

    2. Use a proportion to find the answer.

    0.36x = 12

    100(3/15) = _______%

  • math -

    what is the unit rate for 2 miles in 12 minutes then how long would it take her to run 5 miles at the same rate?

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