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Posted by John on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 7:41pm.

Could you please help me to check these last sentences. Thank you, Writeacher.

1) The subtitle is referred (refers) to the reward given by Mr B to P.
He tries to seduce her but she resists (better: his advances) and for this reason she receives from him a proposal of marriage.
2) She freely (?) accepts it becoming rich and increasing her social status.
She reaches a status (she gains a social status) which only (the) women of the upper classes aspire to (better can aspire to).
3) The title doesn't celebrate only their marriage but also the union of the two most powerful classes of that period: the aristocracy and the middle class. 4) The horses are beautiful, strong and endowed with the light of reason.The horses consider him in a different way from the rest of the human beings.
5)When he comes back home, he can no longer take part in European society.
Even if he had been living (has been living) with his famiy for five years, he doesn't allow anyone to drink in the same glass, (to) touch him, or to eat his bread.
6) P. is written is (an) epistolary form. The characters are introduced by letters and not by speech. The novel is divided in parts (into two parts).
In the first one P. writes to her parents.
7) In the second part she doesn't know if her parents will receive the letters.
The letters are important because the reader has a description of the inner world of the characters and the same event is presented from different points of view.

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