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I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much, Writeacher.

1) My son has grown out of his shoes (not "frew out of.."), so we'll have to buy him new shoes (a new pair of shoes, a pair of new shoes .. are all possible?). We'll have to buy him a new pair. (is it possible?).
2) Does the word traffic strike exist?
Class tests must be handed in to the teacher before/by the end of the week/before the weekend (is not the same meaning).
3) I should do up the house/do the house up/ have the house done up before selling it.
4) Is it possible to use "mister" instead of coach or (football) trainer?
5) It wasn't necessary that you bought the milk. (Is this sentence possible?)
6) He told us the match had been called off (is "was called off" a mistake?).
7) He dropped out of school/out of the school (are both possible?)
I moved into my new house. I moved to a new house (is a mistake.)

  • Art -

    1. All possibilities are fine. Regarding the verb tense, just remember that simple past is for past action that is not continuing into the present, but present perfect (has, have ... ) is for an action in the past that DOES continue into the present.

    2. I've never heard "traffic strike" -- in what context would it be used?

    I would take the last two alternative phrasings to mean the same thing.

    3. OK

    4. Yes

    5. Very awkward. Better would be this: You didn't need to buy milk.

    6. Both are fine.

    7. I'd omit "the" in front of "school." Both sentences about moving into a new house are fine.

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