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Calculus AB

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Find the derivative of f(x) = 1/x(27,000,000/pi + 6,750,000) + 20pix^2

Can someone help me with this? Thanks.

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    I am not certain if the 20pi x^2 is in the denominator or not of the first term. If it is really this,
    f(x)=[1/(x(27,000,000/pi + 6,750,000)] + 20PI x^2

    then work it in two parts, the first, and second term.

    f(x)=1/kx + 20 pi x^2
    f'= -1/kx^2 + 40PI x
    where k= 27E6/PI +6.75E6

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    Here I'll write it again but distribute the 1/x so you can see it better.

    f(x) = (27,000,000/pix)+(6,750,000/x)+20pix^2

    Does that help?

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    The 1/x was only factored out of the first two terms, not out of the

  • Calculus AB -

    But I get the general idea. I just write 1/x as x^-1 and differentiate that. Makes sense, thanks!

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