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A circular shop sign of mass 10kg is to be hung from the wall of the shop.

The sign hangs from a light, rigid horizontal support of length 0.48m that is hinged to the wall at one end A. The other end B of the support is attached by a model string to a point C at a distance 0.2m vertically above the point A. You may model the sign as a particle located below the midpoint of the horizontal support AB.

By taking torques abut the hinged end A, and considering equilibrium of the beam, find the tension in the rope.

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    a. label the forces at the supports, and the hanging end.

    Here it is in my head:
    the angle at the rope to horizontal is Theta. W is the weight of the sign. T is tension.

    Torque about A:

    but cosTheta= .48/lengthstring

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