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Homework Help: English 7 - Journal Entry Check

Posted by Laruen on Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 9:51pm.

Please check my journal entry to see if it's good and if there any grammar mistakes. This is an assignment for English.

Art Therapist
When I was doing some research on the computer two weeks ago, I saw the word "art therapist". For a moment I thought being a Art Therapist would be stupid. I done some research on it and it's very interesting. I realize that when I grow up I want to become an art therapist. An Art Therapist is an arts, writing, music or drama therapist who uses their chosen art form to work therapeutically with people who are experiencing physical, mental, emotional and social difficulties. As an expressive medium, art can be used to help clients communicate, overcome stress and explore different aspects of their own personality. The job involves working with people with emotional problems, people suffering from trauma and people with disabilities. Art therapists also work with people undergoing medical treatment, people undergoing rehabilitation and terminally ill people. The therapists may work with children, teenagers, older individuals, couples, families, groups and communities (got info from wise geek and NHS website)
For example, there is a teenage girl name Carly and her life is not going so well. Her boyfriend dumps her, she making bad decisions in her life (like smoking, or getting suspended from school, etc.). and she's very emotionality upset. Then, her parents makes a appointment for art therapy. So pretend I was the art therapist and when she comes in, she explains to me about her problems in her life and then I assign her to draw pictures that come to her mind when she's upset and create journal entries about her daily life. Then I give her advice blah blah blah. When she comes back about a week or so she says thanks blah blah .... I moved on from my boyfriend and try to make good decides next time blah blah blah. It's something like that.
I sometimes help my friends with their problems and give them advice but I don't help them using art. I love art (and writing) a lot which I'm passion about. Sometimes when I'm emotionality upset about something that happens at school or home, I usually (SOMETIMES!) do art work to get my mind off from it or write. I want to help people express their selves in art. I think it's a good career for me (but I'm still going to be an artist and an writer).

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