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Posted by slipperymilkshake on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 7:40pm.

You have been retained to analyze how many check-in agents should be used at a check-in counter for a large hotel. During normal business hours, customers arrive at a rate of about 24 per hour, and it takes about 7 minutes to complete the check-in process. Both the poisson distribution for arrivals and the exponential distribution for service time apply and a FIFO discipline is used. The check-in counter will accommodate as many as five agents.

A:utilization rate?
1 agent:
2 agents:
3 agents
4 agents
5 agents

c. waiting time:1 agent:
2 agents:
3 agents:
4 agents:
5 agents:

d. what is your recommendation? Why?

Please show all work

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