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Homework Help: Philosophy

Posted by Justin on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 4:51pm.

Please help answer these questions

Argument: Anything is possible
Therefore, it must be possible that something is impossible

This is a contraction - Not everything is possible because anything is possible.

Types of appeals in arguments (Aristotle)
Pathos - appeals to emotion
Ethos - appeals to right v. wrong/ modern - charisma
Logos - appeals of logic - this id the reals we will work, principally; we will work the internal form

1) Where is the main idea in this argument scheme?

2) Where are the reasons?

3) What is the function of the Inferences?

4) What is the function of Indicators?

5) How do you think logical fallacies can be use?

6) In our society, which type of appeal is most common? Why?

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