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Homework Help: intro to ethics - philosophy

Posted by Justin on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 4:43pm.

1) Correct the problems with this title: Author And The Seventh Day

2) Place commas: Afterwards John went home and he went to bed.

3) What is wrong with this sentence?: John went home, he went to bed.

4) Place a question mark: “ What do you want from this class” he asked

5) Correct form?: It was just to/too much.
Answer in the blanks:
6) What is wrong with this sentence?: “This sentence is false.”
7) Some arguments have implied premises, where too little information is given. What is missing in the following argument?
a. All ducks can swim
b. ______________________________
Therefore, John must be able to swim
8) Some arguments have complex premises, where too much information is given. Outline the following argument.
Some matters of foreign policy are just beyond George W. Bush’s grasp, for, like in the matter of the prison in Iraq where that female soldier had her pictures taken with these guys, or where that night club was blown up on that island in the Pacific, such matters are complex - that is, such matters are composed of many elements – and Bush is a simple man.
a. ______________________________________
b. ______________________________________
Therefore, _________________________________

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