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Enviro Science

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4. Which of the following issues hinders efforts to achieve sustainability?
a. who will solve environmental problems
b. who is responsible for environmental problems
c. who pays the costs of implementing solutions
d. all of the above

8. Which of the following factors does NOT help predict future oil production and its future cost?
a. the number of oil refineries operating in the past
b. changes in technology
c. cost of obtaining fuel
d. number of oil deposits discovered

30. In America, which of the following would increase energy efficiency?
a. using public transportation and developing more efficient engines for vehicles
b. turning thermostats down in winter and up in summer
c. insulating homes and businesses
d. all of the above

31. Interference with photosynthesis and reduced crop yields in land plants are examples of the damaging effects of
a. greenhouse gases
b. the ozone layer
c. the climate
d. ultraviolet light

33. A true statement about greenhouse gasses is that they
a. convert sunlight into heat energy that warms Earth
b. are concentrated in the stratosphere
c. trap heat that is radiated upward from Earth
d. are not affected by human activity


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