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Can you please check these sentences?
Thank you, Writeaacher!

1) You must be respectful of your classmates and of your teachers.
You should stand up when teachers (or your teachers?) enter the classroom.
2) You mustn't drink or eat during lessons but you can do it during the break.
3) You must be quiet in the library and you mustn't run in the corridors.
These are all the rules.
4) What are you doing this summer?
I'm going to the seaside in Greece (to Greece) for two weeks with my family.
5) I can't wait to be on holiday.
Have you arrived from your schol trip yet?
6) You know I'm attending a seconday school (the first year of secondary school). I wanted to tell you (better I would like to tell you) about some rules that I have to respect here.
7) Firstly, I have to wear decent clothes. In my school students must bring all the school equipment every day and they must keep in order their exercise-book (their exercise-books in order).

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