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I left out the following sentences on school rules. I really hope you can have a look at them, Writeacher!

1) I'm writing this letter because I would like to tell you some of the rules at my school. I hope you'll do the same.
2) You mustn't change or modify marks on your school report.
3) You should bring money for the snack bar (in case you need to buy a snack at the school cafè).
4) You can look up new words in the dictionary.
5) You should keep your exercise-nook in order.
Shall I use these words in the plural:
leave without our teachers' permission, forge our parents' signature
cheat in exams
copy our classmates' homework

  • Art -

    1. This is very wordy. Try this instead:
    I'm writing to tell you some of the rules at my school.

    2, 3, 4 = OK

    5. Do you mean exercise book? No hyphen needed.

    All the plurals and plural possessives are fine as long as they are truly plurals. If you know that a student has only one parent, though, be sure to write "parent's" and the same for teacher's/teachers'.

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