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Writeacher, could you please check if these statements on school rules (and the alternatives) in brackets are possible.
Thank you

1) You must have your report card every time (correction: always with you)
You must wear your tracksuit if you have PE.
2) You must park your scooter on the parking zone (in the specially provided parking lot?).
3) You must get involved in the lesson.
I must be respectful of/to (are both possible?) the rules.
4)I can ask questions to my teacher if I don't understand.
5) I must stand up when the teacher gets in class (gets into the classrom/enters the classroom.
6) I mustn't leave the school building without the teachers' or parents' permission.
7) We mustn't stay in our classroom/in class/in our class (are they all possible?)
8) (In this letter) I want to tell you our most important school rules (tell you about our most important school rules).

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    1. OK

    2. Either "in the parking zone" or "in the special parking lot."

    3. ... respectful of the rules. ("to" doesn't work here. You can be respectful to a person, but not things!)

    4. ... ask questions of my teacher ...
    ... ask my teacher questions ...

    5. enters or comes in -- but not "gets in" or "gets into"

    6. OK

    7. Yes, all are possible.

    8. OK

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