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Iron(III) oxide is formed when iron combines with oxygen in the air. What is the mole ration of Fe used and the mole of Iron(iii) oxide produced? 4Fe(s) + 3O2(g) > 2Fe2O3(s)

a - 3:2
b - 4:3
c - 4:2
d - 3:4

Can someone help?

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    This is quite simple. The coefficients tell you what is going on. The equation tells you that 4 mols Fe react with 3 mols O2 to produce 2 mols Fe2O3.
    So the ratio of Fe used (4 mols) to iron(III) oxide produced(2 mols) is 4:2. right. In other words, mols Fe2O3 produced is just 1/2 that of Fe used.

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