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a bus engine can operate at very high temperatures . if one of the cylinders has a volume of 1 litre and is initially at 25°C and atmospheric pressure , what is the temperature when the gas in the cylinder is reduced to a volume of 100cubic centrimeters and pressure of 5000kPa

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    Assume the number of moles stays the same in the compressed state. (If combustion occurs, this may not quite be true). Then
    P*V/T = constant, if T is in degrees K.

    (1.013*10^5 Pa)*(1000 cc)/298K = (5.00*10^6 Pa)(100 cc)/T2

    Solve for the final temperature T2 in Kelvin. Change to degrees C after that, if they want you to.

    T2 = 298*4.94 = 1470 K

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