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1. A major difference between today’s Hispanic and past European immigrants is that— (1 point)
for Hispanics, the old country is only two hours away.
European immigrants were all light-skinned.
Hispanics are willing to take jobs Americans don’t want.
European immigrants did not come in such large numbers.

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the analogy.

2. Option is to choice as deference is to— (1 point)
Choose the progressive or emphatic verb tense that is used in the sentence below.

3. The Cougars had been winning until the third quarter of the game. (1 point)
present perfect progressive
past perfect progressive
past progressive

4. Which of the following informational texts would be the most helpful if you wanted to gain perspective into how an historical event affected a particular type of person? (1 point)
a journal written by a person who experienced the event
an essay by an expert on that event
a newspaper article about the event
a speech given by a leader at the time of the event

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