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Homework Help: Psychology

Posted by Kathy on Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 12:11pm.

I need my 10 quiz questions check for correctness. Thank you!

1. An asymptote is:

a) a decrease in the strength of the conditioned response.

b) an increase in the strength of the conditioned response.

c) stability in the strength of the conditioned response. <(This is my choice)

d) random fluctuation in the strength of the conditioned response.

2. In the treatment of alcoholism, Boland, Mellor, and Revusky found that when lithium was paired with aversion therapy and additional conditioning,:

a) 12% of the treatment group remained abstinent.

b) 40% of the treatment group remained abstinent.

c) 50% of the treatment group remained abstinent. <(This is my choice)

d) 60% of the treatment group remained abstinent.

3. In the Rescorla-Wagner model, the asymptotic level of conditioning is determined by

a) c

b) V max <(This is my choice)

c) ^V

d) V

4. RESCORLA-WAGNER expanded on Kaminís theory by stating

a) Surprise determines how much conditioning occurs <(This is my choice)

b) Surprise determines that conditioning will occur

c) Surprise does not have any part in the conditioning process

d) The greater the surprise, the greater the response

5. The overexpectation effect states

a) Conditioning of subjects increases with time

b) Conditioning of subjects is reduced overtime because their original expectations exceeded the stimuli presented <(This is my choice)

c) In order to condition a subject, the stimuli must be presented with increasing value in each trial

d) Subjectís expectations of stimuli are not high enough

6. ďThe process of conditioning has evolved because it helps animals survive in their natural environments.Ē This concept is attributed to:

a) Rescorla

b) Allan

c) Garcia and Koelling

d) Pavlov <(This is my choice)

7. Systematic desensitization employs the:

a) imagination and relaxation <(This is my choice)

b) reward and relaxation

c) fear stimuli and relaxation

d) fear stimuli and reward

8. Pavlov discovered when the interval between the CS and US was less than 450 milliseconds, the response:

a) stayed the same.

b) worsened.<(This is my choice

c) improved.

d) was random.

9. Garcia and Koelling are noted for their experiments with rats and a phenomena called: (Points : 1)

a) preparedness.

b) reflection.

c) bait-shyness. <(This is my choice)

d) regression.

10. Some evidence shows classical conditioning is _________ involved in interpreting advertisements.

a) highly <(This is my choice)

b) not

c) somewhat

d) the only thing

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