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Information Leteracy

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1) which of the folowing is true regarding doing an online search for information
A- if your serch turns up no hits,you need to use a more specific keyword
B- you'll get better result if you choose a single, general keyword
C- Using one or two specific keyword saves time
Answer : C
2) To determine the best place to bigin your online research, you should first
A- formulate your research question.
B- settle on a single, concise search term or phrase.
Anser : B

  • Information Literacy - ,

    It is somewhat settling that someone taking a course in Information Literacy would misspell Literacy. Think on that.

    A is false
    B is maybe true, depends on the information, but I seldom use only one general keyword.
    c. usually true
    So, correct.

    2. You are dead wrong on the second. You need to decide what question you are trying to answer before searching.

  • Information Literacy - ,

    How many different times are you going to post the same questions and the wrong answers?

  • Information Lit - ,

    lets not belittle the students

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