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Hello. I'll be very grateful if you help me with a few questions.
1)Would you use the article in the context: "he became (the?)French president", "he became (the?) president of France"?
2)Which preposition is correct in the following context: "England settled its people in/on (?) the new territories"?
3)Do you think it's possible to use "win" in the political context, for example "the country had a historic win" (it's not about sport)?
4)Do you think the sentence is correct (I mean its second part)"Palestine achieved a diplomatic victory with its entry (entrance)to Unesco"?
Thank you very much for all your help and attention.

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    1. Yes, use 'the' In both instances.

    2. Use 'in.'

    3. I'd need to see the whole context.

    4. I'd use 'by' but both prepositions would work.

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    For 4, 'entry into ...'

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