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Posted by Mike on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 11:21am.

Could you please check if these questions are all possible? Thank you, Writeacher.

1)Focus on the first Hanoverians and answer briefly the following questions. What were the first political parties in Britain, where did they descend from and who sided with them? What did the meetings of the Whig ministers develop into and what advantages did Britain get from Robert Walpole’s policy? What values did his opponent, William Pitt, encourage?
2) Which social class (classes) gained prestige in the 18th century England? What were living conditions for the poor like and what kind of disease(s) were they affected by? (Answer: smallpox, typhus, scurvy)
3)How are the reasonable horses described by Gulliver? Why is Gulliver impressed by them? What does Gulliver have to acknowledge much to his disgust? Why does Gulliver find himself displaced when he comes back to England?
4) Briefly explain the subtitle of Richardson’s novel Pamela, or the Virtue Rewarded. Make reference to the reading done in class.
5) Which narrative form did Samuel Richardson use for his novel Pamela? Explain briefly the features of this type of literature.

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