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Posted by Stonie on Friday, May 11, 2012 at 2:57pm.

Can you proofread my writing?

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
On February 26, a 17-year-old boy named Trayvon Martin was murdered. Why? Why? Why? Was George Zimmerman defending himself or committing a hate crime? I believe George Zimmerman committed a hate crime.
One reason I say this was a hate crime is because it was a racial issue in many ways. For example, Zimmerman claimed that the boy ďappearedĒ to be suspicious when he saw him. Then all of a sudden, Martin supposed to have attacked Zimmerman on that day. Really, why would the boy want to attack Zimmerman? Thatís a question, that canít seem to be answered. Thereís no evidence!
Another reason this was a racial issue is because of the way Martin looked. Zimmerman assumed a black boy with a hoodie on, talking on his cellphone to his girlfriend was up-to-no good. I canít believe Zimmerman would stoop this low, to say the boy looked like a criminal.
In conclusion, Zimmerman did commit a hate crime. The dispatcher told Zimmerman, ďThat he didnít need him to follow the teen,Ē but he didnít listen. A pow, pow from a gun went off and the boy is now dead. Zimmerman didnít be the better man and let the boy go to his destination. If something could have possibly happened at Martinís girlfriend house, which would have been an issue; however, we would have needed the neighborhood watch captain, Zimmerman. I feel George Zimmerman should be convicted for the crime because I felt this was a racial issue, he needs to be charged and put behind bars.

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