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Homework Help: Programming with Eclipse

Posted by Marie on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 5:29pm.

Design, implement, test, and debug an application to compute an employee’s weekly pay. If the employee works more than 40 hours a week, the employee earns 1.5 times the basic hourly pay for any time worked over 40 hours. The program should allow the user to input the employee’s name, the number of hours worked, and the hourly rate.

• The application should include a Calculate button that, when pressed, computes and displays the total pay in a label or text field.
• The program should allow the user to enter information for any number of employees in this manner.
• Include an Exit button to end the execution of the application.
• The program should allow the user to select the employee’s department from a menu. This can be a standard menu, radio buttons, or a JComboBox. Create your own list to populate the menu: Marketing, IT, Accounting, and so forth.
• Include at least five departments.
• Validate the employee’s hourly wage and hours worked according to the following rules:

o The hourly wage must be at least $6 per hour and cannot be more than $150 per hour. It must be numeric.
o The hours worked must be a numeric value greater than or equal to 0 and cannot be greater than 60.

• Create a JTextArea, JTable, or other form of a table to your application and use that to list the following for every employee:

o Name
o Department
o Weekly salary

• Add each employee to the list after you have computed that employee’s salary.

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