March 26, 2015

Homework Help: language arts

Posted by SoccerStar on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 5:22pm.

Please check my answers!

Vibrant is MOST LIKELY to be used to describe
a. an accident
b. a color
c. or an idea
(I think it's b but I'm not sure)

If on June 1, a father gives his son an allowance increase that is two months retroactive, then the son will
a. start receiving the increase in August
b. receive extra money for the previous months of April and May
c. get raise in June, but not July or August
(I think it is a but I'm not sure if I am right)

A good example of a reprieve is
a. exchanging defective merchandise for a refund
b. a soaking rain after a long drought
c. successfully completing a difficult task
( I have absolutely no idea on this one! I'm guessing b?)


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