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Pam has a mass of 33.0 kg and she is at rest on smooth, level, frictionless ice. Pam straps on a rocket pack. The rocket supplies a constant force for 15.0 m and Pam acquires a speed of 60.0 m/s.
(a) What is the magnitude of the force?
1 N
(b) What is Pam's final kinetic energy?
2 59400
- i got th3e second answer need help with the first!

  • physics -

    a =v²/2•s = (60)²/2•15 = 120 m/s².
    F= m•a = 33•120 = 3960 N.
    KE = m•v²/2 = 33•(60)²/2 =59400 J.

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