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3) You pour 240 mL of Coke into a glass, where the T of the beverage is at 10.5 *C. You then add one ice cube of 45g.

Determine the final temperature and the amount of ice remaining, if any.

So I know that there won't be any more ice left because they will reach thermal equilibrium, and the temperature will be over 0*C.

q for ice will be

= (4.184 J/gK)(45g)(Tf-Ti)
But I have no idea how to go about deltaT and what to do next.

Thank you

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    You need to rething this. You will have ice left over.
    45g x 334 J/g = 15030 J available.
    To cool the water to 0 C we need
    240 x 4.184 x (10.5) = 10,540.7 SO WE have more cooling than we need. Some ice will be left over after cooling to zero C. I figured we need melt only 31.5 g but you need to confirm that. I estimatredf here and there and I'm not positive about the 334 value I used above.

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    solve q initial for the 240g of coke/water.
    solve q initial for the ice.
    subract q ice from q coke, then solve for deltaT

    q(coke) - q(ice) = (4.18 J/gK)(285g)(deltaT)

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    rethink, not rething. ;-)

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