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What is the most important reason to consider typography when creating a procedural text?
A.It provides white space around the text.
B.It makes the document look nice.
C.It adds variety to the document.
D.It helps the reader find important information.

Which organizational type is most appropriate for a procedural text?

A.Order of importance from most to least
B.Order of importance from least to most
C.Chronologicla order
D.Spatial order

Why must the audience be considered when creating a procedural text?

A. to help determine word choice
B. to assist in choosing a font
C. to determine what will be underlined
D. to provided balance and contrast

In addition to make sure your writing is clear, which consideration is also important in creating a procedural text?

A. The purpose of the text
B. The cost of the item
C. The inclusion of supplements
D. The inclusion of a complex diagram

Procedural texts include which kinds of texts?
A. non fiction stories
B. instruction manuals
C. fiction about machinery
D. descriptions of places

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