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Homework Help: physics- MC QUESTIONS

Posted by Lilly on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 1:44am.

Q 1: which of the following conditions occur when an object is in static equilibrium ? (can be more than one option)

a. net force on the object is zero
b. net torque on the object is zero
c. acceleration of the object is zero
d. velocity of the object is zero

Q2: Student A pulls on a wrench with 10 N a distance 5 cm from a bolt. Student B pulls on a wrench with 5 N a distance of 12 cm from a bolt. Which student applied a greater torque? (Both students applied the force perpendicular to the wrench handle.)

A. student A
B. Student B
C. Neither, they apply the same torque
D. not enough information

Q3: true of false: when computing the torque on an object, you must select an axis about which you compute the torque?

Q4: Consider a beam that is supported at its ends. Which statement best describes the forces from the supports.

a. force on one of the ends will be greater than the other
b.the force on the two ends are equal
c. not enough information

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