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18. In “Babylon Revisited,” why did Fitzgerald choose the title to be metaphoric of Paris? (1 point)
Paris is a symbol of luxury.
Paris is living in a wealth that will end up destructive.
Paris was built to look like Babylon.
Paris is the city of love.


Match the author with the description.

A. Ernest Hemingway
B. John Steinbeck
C. Robert Frost
D, Langston Hughes

19. Summers spent in Pacific Grove, California influenced the symbolism in his literature. (1 point)

20. His poetry includes simple, direct language. Many are dramatic monologues written in free verse are about life on New England farms. (1 point)

21. The mood and tone of his literature is largely shaped by his experience as a soldier in World War I. (1 point)

22. His poetry and short stories include dialect which and colloquialisms which give his primarily African American characters distinctive voices. (1 point)


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