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To find the main idea of an informational text, look for

A. who wrote the article and what company/universit they are from.

B. Why the text was written

C. What the author talks a lot about throughout the text

D. None of these

Which of the folllowing is not one of the three major elements that we look for when reading informational texts?

A. Main Idea
B. Explanation
C. Exposition
D. Application

Most reading strategies, according to the lecture, can be applied to literary as well as informational texts.

True or False

which underlined part of the word (INFORMATIONAL) tells us most about thee function of informational texts?

A. form
B. Inform
C. ation
D. tional

The strategies we use when reading informational texts are ________as/from when we read literary texts.

A. the same
B. different
C. Sometimes the same, sometimes differnt

The main objective of most informational texts is to entertain the reader

True or False

Informational texts includes which of the following

A. a setting
B. a conflict
C. a plot
D. an explanation

The application part of an informational texts tell us what the real world use is for the information thatis presented.

True or False

Which is not an informational texts?

A. Narrative
B. Article
C. Blog
D. Chart

My Answers: D,A,True,B,A,True,C,True & C

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