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help me please math

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Write the standard equation of the ellipse with the given characteristics
this is due in the morning I have no ideal how to do it

vertices:(-8,1)(0,1) (-4,7) (-4,5)

  • help me please math -

    Thank you for helping me

  • Ajay, read this --- help me please math -

    As I stated in the previous post to this question, you have a typo and the way it is written, we cannot do this question.

    But I have a feeling that the last point should be (-4,-5), that way (-4,1) is the midpoint of both axes

    so 2a = 8, ----> a = 4
    2b = 12 , ----> b = 6

    (x+4)^2 /16 + (y-1)^2 /36 = 1

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