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U.S. History

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The new morals and manners of the 1920s were reflected in

A. women's fashion
B. the great migration
C. the new factory jobs
D. Politics

Americans responded to the Selective Service Act

A. with enthusiasm
B. with antiwar riots
C. by refusing to register
D. by becoming conscientious objectors

How did life change for American women in the 1920s?

A. Many women felt freer to experiment with bolder styles and manners

B. Married women found it much easier to balance careers and family life

C. Most women grew long hair and stopped using makeup

D. Women began to dominate the work force, often taking leadership positions

The Farmer's Alliance

A. lobbied for a graduated income tax

B. aggressively lobbied against the insurance

C. supported private ownership of the railroads

D. opposed the populist party

  • U.S. History -

    ... and your answers are ... ??

  • U.S. History -

    A,B, A & D

  • U.S. History -

    I agree with your first and third answers. For number 2, I don't know which selective service act you mean. The last one is wrong.

  • U.S. History -

    Ok well thank you Ms. Sue

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